Play takes place on one court

We wanted to create that stadium like atmosphere even at your local club so all matches are played on the one court.

Matches are first to TEN points

The action is relentless with matches intense from the first point. There is no lull in our events as every point is crucial to the players chances to progress.

15 matches to complete the event

Great entertainment in that the viewers get to see many matches on the one night. We have 2 formats detailed below 8 player and 16 player events.

8 Player Split Round Robin

Round Robin Pool 1

Round Robin Pool 2

The Top 2 players from each round robin advance to the Semi Finals. The winner from pool A plays Runner Up in Pool B and Vice Versa. There is then a final between the winners completing our event with 15 matches first to ten points (TEN15).

16 player Knock out

Players are drawn randomly before play. There are no seeds in a TEN15 event so top players may meet in the early rounds giving opportunity for lesser ranked players to get through.

Players only have 1 serve

With only one serve not only is a great deal of dead time saved during the event but it creates a whole new tactical battle between the players.

9-9 Double Match Point

Because we only have one serve it is an even battle between server and returner, Also a great spectacle with so much pressure on the single point.

No Seeds (Enables more excitement in early matches)

Top players may draw each other early meaning the event is full of action from the first match. The no seeds also can enable a lower ranked player to get through to the finals.

20 seconds between points (on-screen countdown to speed play up)

Players will receive one warning then each time they are not ready in the 20 seconds it will be a penalty point to their opposition.

No Lets

To speed up play

Winner Takes All

All prizemoney goes to the winner of the event