Ten15 Kids

All TEN15 events are gender neutral and boys and girls compete against each other. We have 4 Standards for a Junior event – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our Bronze events are designed for 10 and under and players use a Green Transition ball and get 2 serves. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Junior TEN15 events use a pink Championship ball and players get one serve.

TEN15 is a perfect way for kids to get involved in tennis. We want their first tournament experience to first and foremost be “FUN” so even though it is competitive they enjoy the event no matter the result.  Our events have a start and finish time so compete well with time friendly sports such as Soccer and basketball.  A tournament lasts only 2.5 hours so parents don’t lose the whole day which they could at a regular junior event. Our events have Umpires on all Courts so players get a similar experience to what they view watching Tennis on T.V.