The X-Factor

bob-annaA revolutionary feature is our events are gender neutral with ladies competing against the men. With our changes the games are less Strength and endurance and more skill based. In our pilot events we have had ladies make it through to the finals against men they would usually not be able to compete against.

In our events Retired/Older players are competitive against the current top players – Due to our rule changes older players are able to compete against the top ranked players and extend their careers for a few more years

When watching a TEN15 tournament the audience will see 8 or 16 players compete. – In our 8 player events viewers are guaranteed to see their favorite player play at least 3 matches. In our shootout the pressure is intense as it is a 16 player straight knockout draw with no seeds and winner takes all.

Competing on just the one court creates more atmospheres (Stadium Like) – We wanted to create some atmosphere especially at local clubs so the one court gives players a chance to have a crowd around and with all matches umpired that feel of recreating a pro match.

Our events appeal much more to families with Start & Finish Time – People are time poor so TEN15 is a great way to get a play in a fun tournament without losing the whole day. We will have a scheduled start and finish time for our events so people can plan the rest of their days.

We have a DJ on the court and the Music is pumping in our events. As well as entering the court in your first match to your own walk on song the music will be playing keeping the tempo high for the 2.5 hours.

Partnership with Breast Cancer Charities (Pink Tennis Ball) – In all our events there will be a donation to a local Breast Cancer charity. The founder James Poso lost his sister to Breast Cancer in 2013 so is motivated to raise money to help fight the disease.